Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Compounding Effect by Darren Hardy

November 2-5 My wife and I had the privilege of attending a National Success Training put on ViSalus Sciences. We enjoyed great training food and fun with about 18,000 people that weekend. The training that stuck out to me most was that of Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine. He spoke of how every little choice we make in life, whether good or bad produces a compounding effect that can produce either mass abundance in our lives or life filled with struggle and pain. After the training session we went to the vi-store and purchased his book "The Compounding Effect". I just now have begun to read it, got through the first chapter and let me tell you, I believe this book is worth its weight in gold and much more. It has challenged me to make some changes in my life because Lord knows I do not want to end up on the wrong side of the chart. Lol you will get that remark once you read the book. I will provide a link below so that you can get a copy for yourself. It would be a great Idea to get one for your children as well. I will encourage my children to read this book and so should you. It could literally change the course of a persons life if they are willing to make a few small adjustments. It is the true sense of the millionaire mindset and a great way for you to prosper your mind! You can get the book at Darrens site

Hope You enjoy!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Visalus Marketing Lead Generation System

Happy Thanks Giving to all my fellow Visalians!!!

Hey folks the "MLM Pro" has put together a stellar system for us to generate leads for our ViSalus business. It comes with everything you need to take your ViSalus business to the next level.

High Converting Capture Pages

High Converting Webinar Presentation

Call to action (appears) at the end of webinar

YOU are represented as a company leader

Cutting edge Autoresponder Campaign

* AWeber integration with capture pages

Highest E-mail deliverability
(Comparable to AWeber)

Simple to use and takes only seconds to set up

Compelling autoresponder campaign gets your prospects to take action
Autoresponder campaign features several of the top Visalus Videos

'Call-to-action buttons' appear below each autoresponder video
Your Visalus corporate website URL's are hardcoded to each 'call-to-action' button

Professional LIVE training on lead generation (additional training in Vi-system back office)
System highly effective for offline traffic
as well
Custom E-mail templatesFree when you refer 3 / Free to try

If you want to start generating your own leads for your Visalus business then click the link below to get this system NOW. And of course get 3 team members to use this system with you and your system is FREE!!
Try the system for FREE!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Make Money Online Fast And Easy

Being one of the most effective ways, it is worth saying that if there is a way to make money online fast and easy it is through paid surveys, and although you may have already heard a lot about it you may not understand exactly what is, how it is done and  what companies to choose. These are crucial aspects to start working and making money with this method.

How to make money online with paid surveys

Paid surveys are a very effective way of making money, filling out forms consisting of different companies who need feedback on their products and / or services. Does not require any prior knowledge or specific studies, only answer a few questions and BAM you have instant cash.

If you have been around the net for any length of time and have ever looked into paid surveys you have probably ran into websites that claim to have the information you need to be profitable with paid surveys. Most likely they want to charge you a "nominal" fee to get this information in your hands. Folks, stay away from these guides, all these people want is you money. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what companies are real and which are false but I will be providing a list at the end of this article.

There are many real paid survey companies and it is these that provide the profitable gain we want to achieve. It is important to have information at least on some of these companies working with paid surveys, to meet its working methods.

Many companies that use this service for their marketing campaigns or perform some kind of test pilot on any of its products, whether new or renovated, or just one that is still there as is.

It is also key to note that some of these companies have zoned the group of people that are directing the survey, and perhaps the region to which you belongs to does not fall within this category, so before starting to answer any survey questions this should be taken into account.

Dating survey invite:$25 reward  accepts participants from all counties

Survey's for USA Only

Join Our Community to make your voice heard and earn rewards.
Your Opinions = REWARDS!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

List Of Spanish Article Directories

Article directories are a great way to get links and build reputation. To launch this blog first thing I did was to write a series of articles to start getting links and be indexed quickly.

Why are helpful links to article directories?

Unlike with web directories in our article directory links appear within content relevant to our topic, this gives context to our links and anchor text.

Article directories are useful primarily for two things: SEO and reputation within our niche

Some profiles author of the article directories are positioned very well in the search engines like Google if they are updated frequently.

When someone searches for your name in a search engine it is a great thing to see our author profile ... gives reputation and informs the visitor that we are experts in our subject.

What style of items we send to an article directory?

While we may post items already posted on our blog to show to another side, the best we can do is write a series of original content and good quality.

This is much more important for new sites or blogs that are not yet indexed, to ensure high quality links to be indexed quickly and well cataloged.

Spanish Articles Directory

Artículoz: Spanish version of the famous English directory ArticlesBase

Pagerank: 5 Alexa: 31,000 + This is the article directory of Javier Buckenmeyer

Pagerank: 3 Alexa: 67,000 + An article directory something new but it seems to promise a lot in the future.

Pagerank: 3 Alexa: 500,000 +

Directorio-Articulos: The particularity of this directory is that we can make money with our items through adsense, inserting our adsense code in your user profile.

Pagerank: 1 and Alexa: 2,000,000 +

Apezz: More than a directory is a place to post news and if our story receives enough votes from the community come to the main page, the interesting thing about this site is its active community ... a good opportunity to expose our content in front of an audience if we write news.

Pagerank: 4 Alexa: 100,000 +

Yugler: Another article directory, has categories: art, crafts, health, self help, internet business, finance and many other interesting niches to exploit.

Pagerank: 0 Alexa: 300,000 +

Buscador de Articulos: This directory is very similar to Yugler, since both are made ​​with Article Dashboard , a tool to create your own article directory.

Pagerank: 1 and Alexa: 800,000 +

e-Articulos:: Another one on the list, the last article written in October 2009, so not much activity ... as an extra I can say that is developed with Article Live

Pagerank: 1 and Alexa: 600,000 +

LEETU: Interestingly we can say we do not need to check into this directory to publish our articles and what I see is regular activity.

Pagerank: 2 Alexa: 150,000 +

Notas-Online: This directory is present since 2007 and defines itself as a "free press release"

Pagerank: 2 Alexa: 40,000 +

These are just a few Spanish article directories that exist out of many.