Thursday, November 22, 2012

Visalus Marketing Lead Generation System

Happy Thanks Giving to all my fellow Visalians!!!

Hey folks the "MLM Pro" has put together a stellar system for us to generate leads for our ViSalus business. It comes with everything you need to take your ViSalus business to the next level.

High Converting Capture Pages

High Converting Webinar Presentation

Call to action (appears) at the end of webinar

YOU are represented as a company leader

Cutting edge Autoresponder Campaign

* AWeber integration with capture pages

Highest E-mail deliverability
(Comparable to AWeber)

Simple to use and takes only seconds to set up

Compelling autoresponder campaign gets your prospects to take action
Autoresponder campaign features several of the top Visalus Videos

'Call-to-action buttons' appear below each autoresponder video
Your Visalus corporate website URL's are hardcoded to each 'call-to-action' button

Professional LIVE training on lead generation (additional training in Vi-system back office)
System highly effective for offline traffic
as well
Custom E-mail templatesFree when you refer 3 / Free to try

If you want to start generating your own leads for your Visalus business then click the link below to get this system NOW. And of course get 3 team members to use this system with you and your system is FREE!!
Try the system for FREE!!!!

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